Say Yes to the Lake Association

We on the Executive are often asked, “why join the Lake Association, what does it do for me?”. We have our top reasons to join list which we include in the Newsletter each year, but perhaps we can make a stronger case. There are three categories of benefits:

The URGENT - First, it helps to have a pre-existing entity in place when urgent issues arise. This was the case when we were consulted on the proposed draining of Lac Brassard and repair of the lower dam. By electing an executive, we have a voice to speak on behalf of the best interests of the lake association members on municipal issues, such as water levels and land use. We can comment on provincial and federal issues as well, under the name of the Association, which often carries more weight than an individual. There is power in numbers. This is also why we carry a modest cushion in our Association bank account, in case there is a need for legal or technical advice or other unanticipated expenses in the future.

The IMPORTANT - You know from your property values that water front is a valuable commodity and the quality of our water is one of our most valuable assets. Therefore the water testing that the Association conducts directly protects your financial investment, as well as your peace of mind and family enjoyment. We also promote preservation of the lake through education on phosphate use and assistance in shoreline protection.

The Lake Association provides connectivity for our community. For example, one winter many of us very much appreciated being informed of a rash of break-ins so we could check our cottages that were closed for the season.

This ‘neighbourhood watch' cannot be taken for granted. Also the Dam Lake Directory which along with the map helps support social interaction on the lake.

The Lake Association monitors other issues relating to the lake for you. As paying members of the Federation of Lakes of Val-Des-Monts, we attend meetings on your behalf and disseminate relevant information. We proctor municipal and provincial programs for you, such as ordering and distribution of free trees for shoreline re-vegetation. We studied the issue on mining rights and sought advice on its implications. We disseminate information on boat operator licencing.

The Lake Association promotes boat safety and noise management. We place and remove the courtesy buoys to protect cottagers from rocky waters. We liaise with Grand Lake on many common issues.

The FUN - The Lake Association is also a pre-existing social network you can access for pleasure or support. The Association prepares the Annual Newsletter and organizes the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and BBQ. We are open to coordinating more activities if interest is there. We seek out and include stories on the history of the lake and surrounding area in the newsletters.

Say YES - Your Lake Association Executive volunteer their time and energy for the betterment of our lake.  Email or call us.  Better yet, come to the AGM and let us know what we can do for you.  Say YES to the Lake Association. Together we will have a more dynamic and powerful association. Help spread the word